Saturday, May 30, 2015

Supreme Court Justice Robert Johnston Saves Pastula Farms From Illegal Court Action.

William Younie
On Monday, May 25, 2015, Supreme Court of British Columbia Justice, Robert Johnston, told Duncan area lawyer, William Younie, (shown in photo on right) that his clients attempt to take over title to the beautiful Pastula farm owned by farmers Gordon and Catherine Pastula was illegal.

Bill Younie spent the better part of an afternoon trying to persuade Justice Johnston that the Pastulas, who are well known farmers in the Cowichan Valley, were not farmers even though the Pastula family has been farming the farm for almost 60 years. The submission was pure hokum and a classic example of lawyer doublespeak.

But, Justice Robert Johnston was not deceived by the clever disingenuous arguments of the crafty Bill Younie and told the Pastulas, "I have no doubt you are farmers" when he dismissed the illegal lawsuit.

Mr. Younie's clients, Peter Morris and his numbered company who observers expected would walk away with a windfall profit of over $1 million from a lawsuit filed contrary to the laws of Canada, are now left facing a potential multi million dollar lawsuit under the provisions of the federal Farm Debt Mediation Act that allows farmers to make a claim for a civil remedy against persons who try to seize farm property in defiance of federal laws protecting farmers. 

Pastula Farm 
When the Pastula family could not find any lawyer in British Columbia with sufficient understanding of law to help them they went looking outside the Cowichan Valley where their farm is located and found some competent help that included Mr. Carten, a retired lawyer.

The secret helpers were familiar with the tactics of crooked lawyers and crooked lenders in British Columbia as a result of their  experience in a major lawsuit involving the Government of British Columbia where lawyers regularly lied to the court and unidentified agents of the BC government burned his business and home in order to steal his property at well below market values.

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Mr. Carten is widely regarded as one of the most brilliants legal minds in Canada but was forced to take early retirement by a criminal gang operating inside the Law Society of British Columbia when he blew the whistle on massive corruption in the Government of British Columbia on the issue of water exports. 

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When Mr. Carten asked Justice Robert Johnston to allow him to present the legal argument on behalf of the Pastula family, William Younie vigorously objected to the retired lawyer helping the private citizens in the case involving the illegal lawsuit Younie was pushing forward. Mr. Carten, wise to the anticipated bluster of Mr. Younie, graciously advised Justice Johnston that he did not wish to waste the court's time on a ridiculous argument over whether or not he should be permitted to help the Pastula family and suggested that the judge simply read the written argument that Catherine and Gordon Pastula had filed with the court that proved, without doubt, that the lawsuit carried forward by Mr. Younie on behalf of his clients was illegal and must be dismissed under law. 

Mr. Younie and his client's illegal action were sunk in one masterful stroke.   

Now that the proceeding has been dismissed Mr. Younie's clients, Peter  who are recent neighbours of the Pastula family, are vulnerable to a massive counterclaim under the provisions of the Farm Debt Mediation Act that allows farmers to sue for damages when these kinds of illegal actions are carried out against them

Mr. Younie may be facing disbarment proceedings at the Law Society for continuing a lawsuit he knew or ought to have known was illegal. The Law Society of British Columbia has specific rules that prohibit lawyers from continuing illegal proceedings.

Vancouver lawyer, Brian Markus, who initiated the illegal lawsuit may also be facing disbarment proceedings or a huge claim for solicitor negligence.

The co-incidental attack by fire on one of the Pastula family farm tractors during the course of the proceeding is similar to the firebombing attacks used against the English family resort property and suggests that the attack by fire against the Pastula family may be part of a broader conspiracy. At this time, the Editors are not aware of any evidence linking Peter Morris and to the deliberate burning of the tractor and caution readers not to rush to judgment.

Mr. Carten advised our Editors that the Law Society of British Columbia has threatened him with legal proceedings because he helped the Pastula family when other lawyers refused or demanded too much money.

Mr. Carten said "The Law Society is acting contrary to Canada's constitution and its own charter conferred by the legislature when it sacrifices access to justice in favour of archaic and monopolistic professional privileges". 

Mr. Carten also advised our Editors that, in his opinion, there is clear evidence implicating Law Society CEO Tim McGee in the crime of obstruction of justice in a case involving Mr. Carten where McGee or his agents improperly and secretly contacted a sitting judge to persuade him to set aside a subpoena served on McGee to compel him to testify in court.  If convicted McGee would be facing 14 years in jail.

The Law Society of British Columbia is a self insured corporation established by provincial legislation and all the members are in big financial trouble because the insurance does not meet the outstanding claims.