Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Supreme Court Justice Trevor Armstrong Favours Fraud Artists Over Farmers.

Judge Trevor Armstrong
Legal scholars are scratching their heads over the ruling on October 4, 2016 Justice Trevor Armstrong from the law firm of Hamilton Duncan Armstrong & Stewart of Surrey, British Columbia, in the case involving a fraudulent conspiracy to take over Pastula Farm near Duncan British Columbia that involved an un-denied fraud in the court process by two lawyers that the Law Society of British Columbia refuses to investigate.

The Pastulas have filed an Appeal.

The Pastulas alleged in court documents that the case involved a fraudulent conspiracy by Langley area mortgage company, Antrim Balanced Mortgage Fund Ltd., and its, assignee, 1026268 BC LTD, a company formed for the purpose of completing the fraud and owned by Duncan area resident Peter Morris

The fraud was never denied, supported by strong documentation and Gordon and Catherine Pastula asked the Justice Armstrong that they be permitted to go to trial to claim damages but the Armstrong denied them the opportunity and in a bizarre and twisted judgment where he refused to binding case law going back hundreds of years. 

A full trial would likely have resulted in some people, including a couple of lawyers, being exposed as criminals. 

The case is linked to corruption allegations against Supreme Court Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson and Court of Appeal Chief Justice Robert Bauman that arose in  another case involving Vancouver Island resident John English and retired lawyer John Carten both of whom were helping the farmers defend their lands against the fraudulent conspiracy by the lawyers and the mortgage companies. 

Legal experts suggest that the Armstrong decision may be a form of administrative retaliation and that Armstrong was pressured to make the unusual ruling by the judge crime gang that has operated with relative impunity inside the British Columbia court system for decades. 

Due to the deep systemic corruption at the British Columbia Court of Appeal, legal experts don't give Gordon and Catherine Pastula much hope for success unless they can get the case to the Supreme Court of Canada where the British Columbia judge crime gang has much less influence, although Chief Justice Beverley Mcachlin is widely regarded as a full patch member of British Columbia judge crime gang. 

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