Thursday, November 17, 2016

Queen Elizabeth Recalls Premier Christy Clark to London for High Level Talks on Legal and Judicial Corruption In British Columbia

Queen Liz 
For the first time in 40 years, Queen Elizabeth has ordered a Premier of British Columbia to come to London for private talks.

Officially, British Columbia Premier Christy Clark was in London to get a medal for saving the Great Bear Rain Forest but insiders report that the real reason Queen Elizabeth ordered the Premier to report back to London is the problem of legal and judicial corruption in the courts where fraudsters are being protected and innocent citizens are losing their property to organized crime gangs of lawyers and judges that use the court system to pillage and plunder.

The recent decision by Justice Armstrong in the case of the Pastula Farm near Duncan is a case in point.

Premier Christy Clark 

Justice Armstrong went against 1,000 ears of English case law and came to the aid of the legal and corporate gangsters who were caught trying to carry out a fraud on the court by filing false and misleading evidence in the expectation that they could lie to the judge and steal Pastula Farm .

The usual rule of law for about 1,000 years is:

It is, however, well established that whether or not they are pleaded, if facts are shown in the course of a trial which may render an agreement unenforceable by reason of illegality or public policy a court must take these facts into consideration and, depending on the circumstances, act upon them if necessary by refusing to lend its assistance to a party seeking to enforce his or her rights by relying on the agreement.

Instead of following the law, Justice Armstrong twisted the law and assisted the a numbered company owned by Duncan BC area resident, Peter Morris and his wife, by refusing  to deal with fact that a fraud had been set in motion by Vancouver law firm Brian Markus acting for Antrim Balanced Mortgage Fund Ltd a subsidiary of Antrim Investments of Ltd. of Langley B.C. owned by William Granleese and his son Christopher. 

At a certain point Morris and his wife decided to buy out the Antrim position and carry forward the fraudulent lawsuit in the British Columbia courts.

According to forensic experts Antrim and its lawyers were engaged in a classic case of running a hoax or ruse on the court by filing misleading documents, withholding evidence of value, and trying up the farmers other property so the farmer would be unable to extract themselves from a legal web of entanglements.

Those same experts say that Peter Morris and his lawyer were extremely stupid to get involved and negotiate the purchase of the Antrim created "fraud on the court" because by so doing they exposed themselves to criminal charges under section 139 of the Criminal Code of Canada which carries a ten year sentence in Canada.

Investigators are reporting that Vancouver area lawyer Brian Markus has been accused of similar conduct in other at least one other law case in the Vancouver courts and the investigation continues.