Sunday, April 2, 2017

Attorney General Suzanne Anton Accused of Fixing Law Cases To Help Her Brother's Client Steal Pastula Farm Using Fraud

It does appear that the Courts of British Columbia are rigged against Gordon and Catherine Pastula by Attorney General Suzanne Anton, and her brother Jonathan Williams (shown in picture on left), from behind the scenes, who arranged for former Attorney General lawyer, now Justice Gregory Fitch, to preside at a recent hearing where he dismissed the appeal filed by Gordon and Catherine Pastula who are trying to save their farm from a greedy and hostile neighour, Peter Morris, who was caught using fraud in legal proceedings to try to steal their farm

The sister and brother team of Vancouver lawyer Jonathan Williams and British Columbia Attorney General Suzanne Anton was discovered on Saturday April 1, 2016 and it is no April's fool day joke and this information about case rigging by the Attorney General to help her brother win a crooked law case by inserting a her former workmate, Gregory Fitch, as the judge, may destroy the Liberal Party in the upcoming general election in May 2017. Gregory Fitch and Suzanne Anton both come out of the notorious Vancouver Crown Counsel Office.

When Gordon and Catherine Pastula discovered evidence that their neighbour Peter Morris and his lawyer William Younie Q.C. were engaged in criminal activity by pushing forward a case based on a grossly misleading affidavit obviously made with intent to mislead the court and by withholding other key evidence, they reported that to the Law Society of British Columbia because Mr. Younie is a lawyer and to Premier Clark because some of the local court officials are employees of Attorney General Suzanne Anton and they were acting crookedly also.

Immediately, Mr. Younie, a personal friend of Suzanne Anton,   jumped off the case like a cat jumping off a hot tin roof because he realized he could go to jail with his client if he continued.

However, Peter Morris then went and hired Jonathan William to represent him and despite all the proof that Peter Morris had engaged in fraud by acquiring the court proceedings from Antrim Balanced Investment Funds Ltd of Langley, B.C. all of the Judges and all of the Masters, who work directly for Suzanne Anton, found in favour of Peter Morris.

Williams, Suzanne Anton's brother, got involved in the the case immediately after the major victory before Justice Johnston who declared that the case by Peter Morris, by his shell company 1026238 BC Ltd., was a nullity and all steps in it were null and void.

Justice Johnston ruled at paragrpah 30 in his judgment:

"That leads me to the conclusion that s 22 in its operation means that the petition and all subsequent steps taken in this action have been a nullity. The thing is void from the outset and has to be recommenced after the appropriate notice is given."

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From the point Williams got on the case, the judges and masters assigned to the case started ruling against Gordon and Catherine Pastula even through Peter Morris was proved to have acquired his interest in the mortgage as part of a scheme to carry out fraud in the court.
Peter Morris

It is well established law going back to the 17th century and earlier that no court will assist a fraudster take advantage of a contract made for the purpose of carrying out fraud but that is exactly what all the judges and masters have done ever since Suzanne Anton's brother got on the case. Co-incidentally, Mr. Younie's wife was a long term employee of the Duncan Crown Counsel office which falls under the supervision of Suzanne Anton so it looks like a cabal of Attorney General lawyers and former lawyers are helping each other out at the expense of a couple of unsophisticated farmers.

The courts have consistently ruled that “fraud is a special category of causes of nullity”, (Landreville)...fraud unravels everything, it vitiates judgments, contracts and all transactions whatsoever…” (Lazarus Estates) and “it was treated as settled law—and it could not be otherwise—that a plaintiff having intention to use the subject-matter of an agreement for an unlawful purpose cannot sue upon it”.(Zimmermann, Topline, Bursey & Holman)
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THIS kind of direct interference by the Attorney General or her agents in lawsuits is becoming increasingly common in British Columbia. 

In case after case judges who were once employees of the Ministry of the Attorney General are sitting on cases where the Attorney General or that ministry have a direct interest.  In the recent case of John English and his family and his dispute with BC lawyer Greg Harney, Justice Elizabeth Bennett was handpicked to sit on the case and she outright lied to deny justice to Mr. English and his family because the Attorney General had a direct interest in making sure Mr. English was financially crushed.  Bennett was from the same notorious Vancouver Crown Counsel law firm office as Suzanne Anton and Justice Gregory Fitch.

Click here to read about the insane case of Greg Harney who threatened his client with a $1.2 million bill for 2 days of court work and a few weeks preparation. 

In another case involving former BC lawyer John Carten, Justice Heather Holmes was handpicked to rule against Mr. Carten's application for the release of documents that would prove crimes against him and his family. Holmes was from the same notorious Vancouver Crown Counsel law firm as Suzanne Anton and Justice Gregory Fitch.

Several lawyers and former lawyers at the BC Ministry of the Attorney General are terrified if those documents are released because they will prove that they manipulated the case against Mr. Carten and his family and they will be eligible for 14 years in jail for the crimes of obstruction of justice that they committed on multiple occasions.

According to sources connected to the drug trade in Vancouver, lawyers at the notorious Vancouver Crown Counsel office were regular cocaine users and .... parties to other crimes .... and are vulnerable to blackmail which may explain why they are delivering bad decisions in case after case. 

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On Monday April 3, 2017 Gordon and Catherine Pastula filed their Motion Book on their application before a full panel of the court to set aside the judgment of Gregory Fitch and allow their appeal of the decision Justice Armstrong proceed.

Gordon Pastula says "I remember delivering bags of potatoes to the Williams family and when they were kids, Suzanne and Jonathan, were staying healthy eating potatoes from Pastula farm and now there are part of the gang that are trying to steal the farm that fed them".