Saturday, May 27, 2017


Suzanne Anton and brother Jonathon
On May 24, 2017, a full panel of three judges of the British Columbia Court of Appeal astounded all observers by granting Gordon and Catherine Pastula permission to continue their appeal of the March 14, 2017 verdict of Justice Gregory Fitch that had denied them the right to appeal the October 4, 2016 judgement of Justice Trevor Armstrong.  

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Prince Phillip
The surprising turn around came only a few days after the voters of British Columbia removed Attorney General Suzanne Anton (May 9 2017) from her high office and a few days after world wide Freemason gang leader, Prince Phillip, (May 4 2017) was removed from any more official duties at Buckingham Palace. 

The Freemasons are a notorious criminal gang operating inside the British Columbia and Canadian court systems and most of the British Commonwealth where they have caused a lot of problems stealing property and ruining lives by their false judgments.

The removal of Prince Phillip took place shortly after Queen Elizabeth and her staff were advised of widespread judicial manipulation in the British Columbia courts that included the case of Gordon and Catherine Pastula. 

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Peter Morris
Peter Morris who secretly acquired the mortgage over Pastula Farm from Antrim Investments of Langley, B.C., was stunned. 

Morris had already instructed his lawyer, Jonathan Williams, the brother of Suzanne Anton, to take title from the farmers by a court application that was set for a hearing in the Supreme Court in Nanaimo on May 31, 2017.

That application is now stayed pending the result of the appeal which will be back in the Court of Appeal in September 2017.

The Editors have reviewed evidence that Antrim was embarked on as plan to mislead the court when it sold its position to Morris.

In the Editors opinion, Morris  knew perfectly well that he was using the court to carry out fraud and he has never denied the allegation of fraudulent intent in any court filings.

The whole matter has been reported to the RCMP with a request that criminal charges be brought against Antrim, Peter Morris and the two lawyers involved in putting the deal together, Vancouver lawyer Brian Markus and Duncan lawyer William Younie a close friend of former Attorney General Suzanne Anton.

Compliments to Court of Appeal Justices Mary Saunders, Mary Newbury and David Tysoe for allowing the appeal to proceed and having the integrity and wisdom to administer some justice in the court system of British Columbia.

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  1. Most people have no knowledge of how "corrupt" and "connected" the elite really are, and many believe that corruption doesn't really affect them personally or directly. These elite are organized in your town as local elites, and then elevates to provincial elites and federal elites, royal elites and global elites. These elites are connected to each other through Freemasonry, which has a Lodge in every city, and includes the elite that control Mainstream Media. These people are criminals, and the Secret Society called Freemasonry is a criminal gang. They are living a rich life by stealing from the tax base and from individuals, because they are protected from prosecution by their fellow Freemasons who control justice and policing. If these elite Freemasons decide to target you, what can you do about it? Nothing, but lay down and accept whatever they want to do to you, because the elite Freemason police will not help you. The elite Freemason judges will not help you. The elite Freemason politicians will not help you, and they control CSIS. If you think you have Consitutional and Legal Rights, you don't, because you have no Rights if you can't enforce them. Freemasons are locked in by their Sworn Oaths, and must do what is asked of them by higher Freemasons, or they will be punished themselves. Many Freemasons practice Satanism, and some are fraudulently presenting themselves as Christian pastors. This is your New World Order.