Friday, May 12, 2017

Pastula Blog Destroys Attorney General Suzanne Anton

BC Premier Christy Clark has only herself and her Attorney General Suzanne Anton to blame for her dismal results in the recent general election held May 9, 2017.
Attorney General Suzanne Anton is believed by some investigators to have been secretly manipulating court cases to benefit her brother Jonathan Williams and screw over Vancouver Island farmers Gordon and Catherin Pastula. 

The modus operandi against the Pastula family is the same as was used against the English family.

The court administration in British Columbia is the responsibility of the Attorney General and, in English family case and the Pastula family case, judges with personal and professional ties to Attorney General Anton and her Ministry have been assigned to the cases and they have given what the editors believe were false judgments in order to deliberately screw both the English family and the Pastula family and benefit their own friends and family.    

Both cases reek of corruption at the highest level in British Columbia and Premier Christy Clark and Attorney General Suzanne Anton are professionally responsible for allowing the judicial and legal corruption to run unchecked in case after case after case.

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